Keep things running smoothly - re-cycle your existing hydraulic oil

The cleanliness of hydraulic oil is said to account for around 70% of all hydraulic system failures. If you think your oil is contaminated we're now offering an oil analysis service using our LPA2 MP particle counter.

Our on-site engineers can perform in-line or off-line particle counts, which ever best suits you at the time. If we discover that your oil is contaminated we're able to clean your oil through a 3 micron absolute filtration unit and re-check the oil is clean.

This oil analysis service is able to save you up to 50% based on the cost of new oil.

We have several mobile filtration units which are available for purchase or to rent for a limited time to bring your oil cleanliness to an acceptable level.

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss oil analysis, hire, or building your own unit.

  • On-site oil filtration

  • Custom build units

  • Save money by re-cycling your existing hydraulic oil

  • Clean while operating